Monday, 12 March 2012

Billy Connolly

Myself, my brother and my Dad went to the CIA (sorry, Motorpoint Arena) in Cardiff last night to see The Big Yin himself, Billy Connolly.

I've loved Billy for a long time.  I will always remember one Christmas having bought my Dad a Billy Connolly audio tape, and playing it on New Year's Eve with some friends around.  The scandalised look of my friend's mother as Billy started his swearing and ranting was priceless.

The CIA was packed out.  I would like to say it was a wide age range but generally it was 30 plus.  I fitted right in!  He came on stage just after 8.00pm and was straight at it, not stopping, no interval, for over two and three quarter hours, only telling everyone to f**k off just before 11.00pm.

Billy doesn't tell jokes as such (apart from a Frank Carson joke he told in tribute to the Irish comedian who died only recently) rather it's just stories, observations and rants.  All with amazing energy and power.  No one can shout quite like Billy.

His subjects were anything that seemingly popped in to his head.  It is meant to seem scatalogical and random but I'm sure it's not.  He will start one story, then veer off to something totally different, often coming back to the original thought some 30 minutes later.  It's probably a precision tooled act though so good is he at just coming back to earlier topics at will.  Brilliant.

He talked about Radio 4, the banks, his grandmother, flying in Mozambique, gigging in Glasgow and lots more.  The closing part about drinking in pubs in Edinburgh was genius.

I loved it.  I was often crying laughing and aching from being unable to stop.  I was exhausted by the end!  This was a great night.  He was everything I hoped he would be.  Cheers Big Yin!

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