Sunday, 19 February 2012

Killer Queen

I never thought that I would one day be found on my feet, doing the handclaps to We Will Rock You as Queen pounded out the music, before singing along to We Are The Champions.  No, Freddie Mercury hasn't miraculously been resurrected (although he is God in my eyes) and no, I haven't stooped so low as to go and watch the Ben Elton musical.  This was watching Queen tribute band Killer Queen in St David's Hall in Cardiff last night.

What a great night it was too.  They all look the part, dressed circa 1986 and the Magic Tour.  Brian's big hair, Roger's stripy t-shirt and John's grumpy demeanour.  Freddie had all the moves, although his white t-shirt couldn't hide a bit of a belly, something Freddie never had I'm sure.  They sounded very authentic, and while Freddie didn't have the greatest voice I doubt it's fair to do the comparison to a singer who had one of the most powerful voices in rock.

The sold out St David's Hall crowd of all ages were treated to all the big hits, from the opener One Vision to closer We Are The Champions, via Radio Ga Ga, Fat Bottomed Girls, Killer Queen, Now I'm Here, Show Must Go On and Somebody To Love to name just a few.  It was a shame they didn't do some of my favourites such as Spread Your Wings or Seven Seas Of Rhye but I can't really grumble.

All the other elements of a Queen gig were also there.  Brian did the guitar solo from Brighton Rock (very accurately it must be said and I'm wondering if there wasn't some technical assistance), and Freddie did a call and response section with the crowd.  People spent most of the gig on their feet singing and clapping along, and with me being just the right side of drunk, was joining in with the best of them.  I can't say there are many gigs I have been to where I knew absolutely every word of every song.

A great night was had and I urge any Queen fan who gets a chance to go along.  You will not be disappointed.

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