Friday, 10 June 2011

Hello World

Post number one, people.  Wondering about the title?  Many programming courses start by getting the students to write a line of code that prints the words "Hello World".  I could do this in the mid-80's on my Dragon 32 computer using Basic.  It was....
Clever, huh?  Or if you wanted to go crazy, it would be
20 GOTO 10
which would print the phrase indefinitely.  And yes, that is about as far as I got with programming if you discount an attempt at a text-based adventure game using ever more complicated IF statements or A-Level Computer Science and being baffled by C.  So it is nice that I can now write "Hello World" without any programming smarts at all.  Cool.
I hope to be writing more than Hello World in the future.  There is no agenda here, or particular plan.  I'll just see how it goes.
And for those who are currently thinking, "What the fook is a Dragon 32?"......

Cool, eh?  And no, that's not me.  I was never that stylish.